Virtual Assistant Services

We can assist you with VA Services that range
from personal development to event and/or
vaction planning. View our entire list of
the VA Services that we offer!

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DSP Mentorship

Are you considering on becoming an
Individual Service Provider? We can help
you with that process from A-Z!

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Patient Care

Healthcare is currently in dire straights.
The need for caretakers is beyond great.
The struggle is real,

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Christopher Ramey Services focuses on providing services for types of Individuals;



At Christopher Ramey Services
We provide Care As Unique As Your Fingerprint"

Individuals who need assistance with their everyday lives and Individuals who would like to help people who need assistance in their everyday lives. An Independent Provider or Direct Support Professionals is someone who can help individuals who need assistance with their everyday lives. In addition, we can provide assistance to those who need guidance with their responsibilities as a caregiver such as paperwork, keeping track of certifications, and providing online support and resources to assist them in the position of an Independent Provider or Direct Support Professionals.

Are you in need of assistance with your day-to-day living?
We can help!

Need Help Planning Your Next Event or Trip?
We can help!

Are you Interested in receiving Virtual Assistance Services?
We can help!

Are you interested in becoming an Independent Provider?
We can help!

Looking for a Job?
We can help!

Want to Hire a Direct Support Professional?
We can help!

Do you need assistance with Personal Development?
We can help!

Our range of services are not isolated to one field! Our scope of skills and expertise are extremely broad! If you're not sure if we can help, ASK! If we are unable to assist you then we will try to point you in the right direction so that you can get the solid information and assistance that you are seeking!


We have the experience! We have the skills! We have the expertise!

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